The partypoker Grand Prix Austria

The partypoker Grand Prix Austria with the partypoker Grand Prix and the partypoker Millions première will be celebrated in many casinos throughout Austria in 2017.

Live promotions

You can find all the Montesino offers in connection with the partypoker Grand Prix Austria here. Join the play and make sure you get your share of the prize pool!

72 tickets to win

Lots of partypoker Grand Prix promotions

The structure

Grand Prix and partypoker Millions

The partypoker Promotions

Win a bonus of 20,000 cash

We don't just want to entertain you, we want to positively inspire you!
Karl Novak, COO Montesino Wien
Tough girls play poker!
Barbara Nemeth, dealer at the Montesino
At the poker table, every one has the same chances, the same starting position, the same opportunities. Ultimately, the skills of each individual and his self-confidence decide the winner.
Gaby Sanejstra, dealer for TV Total Nacht